These are the things you need you to know when booking a dog hotel in Miami. With some of the most luxurious 5-star hotels, Miami is one of the top family and dog-friendly destinations.

Don’t Forget Vaccinations!

Not only should he, your dog almost always NEEDS to have his vaccination record up to date. In today’s world of liabilities and lawsuits, it would be all but impossible to find a dog hotel in the entire United States, much less Miami, that doesn’t require proof of a current vaccination record in paperwork and signed by a licensed veterinarian.

Though Rabies is one of the few legally mandated vaccinations your dog must have even to simply get his nails trimmed in many places, your veterinarian will cover the standard ones as well as offer any others you may need. Make sure you keep track of your paperwork!

Sizes, Neuters, Spays, and Breeds

Unfortunately, several dog hotels have size and breed requirements. For example, many will not allow any dogs over 50- 80 pounds, which eliminates many large and giant breed pets. Some will only allow small breeds. On top of this, many will not recognize the supposed ‘dangerous’ breeds, such as many Pitbull type dogs (see disclaimer below!). Make sure you know your dog hotel’s policy or research this ahead of time!

‘Dangerous Breed’ Disclaimer

Believe it or not, the American Pitbull Terrier is, in fact, one of the absolute best breeds to raise around families and children, ranked at 99% with the American Kennel Club and initially bred for their loyalty towards humans. Though they do happen, dog attacks are in reality extremely rare.

Just the same, they are the most common breed to be outlawed in both apartment complexes and dog hotels. Unfortunately, also due to early European bloodlines, in a few cases, they do tend to be hereditarily predisposed to carry some dog aggression.

●    Though Pitbull type breeds may or may not be allowed, ‘American Staffordshire Terriers’ usually are (as long as you carry identifying paperwork). Unbeknownst to many, this breed is very close to the American Pitbull Terrier and bred from those very dogs.


Very few dog hotels want to handle the potential legal implications if one of the dogs under their care that they are supposed to be responsible for impregnates another. For this reason, they will almost always require dogs to be either spayed or neutered!

Leash Your Dog at All Times!

Unless otherwise noted or confined within an off-leash dog park or in your room, make sure your dog is continuously leashed, secure, and supervised. This is almost always a requirement in any dog hotel.

Yes, your dog may be a small breed, unable to run, or entirely well socialized and the friendliest dog ever. What if the next dog isn’t socialized so well, and attacks your pet because he was allowed to wander? What if your dog decides to chase a small animal?

Perfect Example

A larger dog attacked and killed a Beagle at a PetsMart recently. Though the larger dog had scarring and sings of past trauma, which is the likely reason for the abnormal aggression, the fault lies entirely with the owners who should not have allowed their pets to socialize- especially if the owner of the larger breed knew her dog had the potential for violence.

Both owners could have prevented this if they had their pets under control.

Note on Grooming

It can get hot in Miami, especially during the summer. Besides, some hotels don’t like to deal with pet dander and require your pet to be recently groomed.
No matter the hotel policy, never wholly shave a double coated breed. Their thick coats were designed by evolution to not only keep them warm during the winter but trap in cool air during the summer while protecting them from harmful solar rays and insect bites to boot. By removing the topcoat of Guard Hairs, which will never actually shed at all and weren’t meant to be cut, you’ve taken away these protections and your dog is much more likely to overheat.

If you find a Hotel that either requires or even offers the option of shaving double coated breeds, find a new dog hotel.

Follow the Rules

Each individual dog hotel will have a set of rules regarding pets posted. Make sure you look at them and follow them strictly! The rules are there for a reason, not only for your safety and the hotel’s safety but for the safety of your pets.


Make sure your chosen dog hotel offers adequate insurance coverage, providing them with the means to provide proper medical care without worry of the cost if emergencies arise.

Booking A Dog Hotel in Miami Policy

Now that you know all the policies when it comes to dog hotels in Miami, just treat your furry friend to the best vacation. The city offers a ton of activities for the whole family; you can enjoy a round of golf at Doral, enjoy the beaches or visit the design district while your dog is taken care of by lovely experts.

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