Hi guys, I’m Walter! But you can call me Walt. I am two years old, but my life actually started a year ago. I lived in a really scary home when I was younger. One early morning, I decided I had enough and ran away from home. I hadn’t gotten very far when a big thing came out of nowhere and sent me flying. I learned that the big thing was called a car and they hurt really bad! Thankfully, someone came quickly and picked me up and took me to a place called a shelter. There were a bunch of other dogs there when I arrived, and I thought this place was my new home. Everyone seemed worried when they came to see me and some of the people were saying that my pain would be over soon and that I would be put down. I kept thinking that I didn’t want to get down, I wanted to be held and comforted.
After a few minutes went by, a nice lady came to my cage and said that she was going to try and save my life. It turns out the nice lady is now my mom, Laura! I met a ton of nurses and doctors that became my number one fans. After two surgeries and a long time in the hospital, the doctors told my mom that they fixed my legs and did everything they could. The remaining 90% of the work was up to me and mom. Day after day, mom would carry to the backyard and let me in the grass. I wanted to run so bad, but my legs seemed to be asleep, they didn’t want to work. Mom used a towel to help my legs gain strength so that they could work on their own.
I am proud to say I am the number one runner of my doggy daycare! I am always first in line to fetch a ball and last one to come inside. My favorite hobby now is laying on the couch, covered in soft blankets, napping on my mom. I really have the best life ever!