The Owner

Hello! My name is Laura Vargas and I am a native Miami Floridian. Although I am from Miami, my parents are immigrants from Colombia. They came here in hopes of creating their own American Dream. Because of their hard work, and my dedication, I am proud to be a graduate of Our Lady of Lourdes Academy and the University of Miami. In 2016, my career path took a huge detour from originally studying for my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I was stuck in a hospital for a couple weeks after dealing with some health issues and the only thing that got me through the long days was dog therapy.

Growing up in a family that always had at least three dogs at a time, I remember we were always left with the question of “who do we leave the dogs with?” if we wanted to travel. Now, being an adult that works in the dog industry, I have come to realize that there aren’t many trusted pet facilities where I can leave my four-legged kids while on vacation. With this dilemma and my new-found love for therapy dogs, my dream became to open a place where humans could count on us to care for their pets and dogs would get excited when they pulled into the parking lot.

I am putting my hopes and dreams into Bark’s Club. I am the type of person that is hands-on and will be involved in the day-to-day function of our business, especially during playtime! I will continue my promise of creating an environment that I would want my dogs to be in. I know how important it is for your pups to feel right at home. We will strive to make Bark’s Club your dog’s home away from home.