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Dog Daycare

Having a pet is always a joy, pet owners, and lovers understand how pets become part of a family and how their care and well-being is as important as it is for any other member of it. As loving and caring a pet owner can be, there will be times and places where their pet can not go with them and they need peace of mind knowing that their beloved pet is cared for and happy! That is where Bark’s Club come in. We have a daycare facility for your pet with trained, loving professionals that will make sure your pet gets the care it deserves while you are at work or away.

Club Amenities
- 2 walks for a full day (10 minutes each)
- 1 walk for a half day (10 minutes)
- Human Supervision
- Filtered water
- Live camera feed
- A/C play area
- Daily report
Club Prices
- $30 full day
- $20 half day
- 5 day Club visits: $135 ($15 savings)
- 20 day Club visits: $500 ($100 savings)
Club Requirements
Puppies must be 3 months and up
Dogs ages 6+ months must be neutered and spayed
Passing grade in Temperament Exam
- Human Information
- Canine Club Member Information
- Emergency Contacts
- Authorized Guardians
- Vet Information
- Bark’s Club Contract Agreement
- Rabies
- Distemper
- Parvo
- Parainfluenza
- Bordetella